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  • Awakening consciousness - Card #20
  • Awakening consciousness - Card #20

Awakening consciousness - Card #20


Violet, Lilac, Coral, Magenta


Challenges: Betrayal by those you loved. Abuse of any kind. A disconnect from self. A fragmenting of self. A need to not be seen. Wanting to escape. A feeling of being trapped. Unrequited love. Not feeling deserving of Love. Easily manipulated by others. Seeking approval/ needing external approval.

Gifts: Unification of all, unification with One. Transcendence of self Interdependence, Co-operation. New Christ consciousness. Awakening consciousness. Expansion without ego. A connectedness with all aspects of self.

Affirmation: As I connect to a deeper aspect of myself, I awaken to new possibilities.

erikessence's Supporting Products:

Whale Essence: WE 11. Bowhead Whale - Bowhead Whale - An essence to improve our self-image and increase self-esteem. A power essence that enhances our physical survival instincts while supporting us to feel good about ourselves, no matter what situation or circumstance we may be in. We can use this essence for strength and resilience when we have to face tough or demanding circumstances, and we can maintain our inner well-being and self esteem even in very trying circustances. It also improves body image awareness and consciousness. The relationship with self and others improves as we find the strength to carry on in all situations. At 211 years old, the Bowhead Whale is the oldest living being on the planet. This essence supports the state of well-being.

Dolphin Essence: DE 07 Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin - A lovely dolphin essence for bringing and manifesting Love in our life in a practical way. Dissolves fear and tension within relationships. It can also helps us see ourselves from the other person’s viewpoint. Increases our awareness of the world and see what is important, giving us the courage to put Love first. A total Love essence.

Butterfly Essence: BE 49 Ishiani Rolia - (pinkish violet) Conscious attunement with ‘Spirit’, integration of our personality with Spirit. It  integrates the personality with the spiritual aspects of life to produce deep peace, effortless well-being, and a positive state of mind. Can help many states of mental imbalance, helping the mind be united with the whole and not compartmentalize itself. E.g., as in ‘Schizophrenia’.

Sea Essence: SE 22 Sea Lily - (lilac ) This is a very beautiful essence which could open our awareness to true beauty and the flowing rhythm of life. It can be an uplifting essence which may well guide us to the possibility of the divine beauty of nature and ourselves. An essence of opening to true beauty.

Goddess Elixir: GEL E) Suma - The secret of Harmony and Balance.

Affirmation: “I balance my energies to harmonize my relationships with other and myself, and I trust the Divine to support my success.”

God Elixir: GEl M) WelhimeAffirmation: “My mind and thinking are in total well-being, and I am free to be myself without intrusion from others. I can live my dreams and make them come true without uncertainty, fear or self-doubt, and my personal self-esteem is very good. I am master of my own consciousness."

Recommended use for the essences: Three drops a day, three times a day for three days anywhere on the body.

If you decided to purchase all four essences, be sure to use each essence by itself for three days to help integrate the energies of each essence. This will create a download and a relationship with each essence. Once all four essences have been integrated then you can use them all together. Enjoy!


Goddess Elixir-

How do you use the Goddess Elixirs?  You can spray them in your living space or spray them directly over the body.  There is no one way to use them.  Here is how I like to use them.

Before I start my day, I ask which goddess wants to work with me.  If you are using a Goddess from your card pick, then that decision has been made for you.  I start by spraying the Goddess directly over my head.  Close my eyes and spray my face and heart.  I sit and let the energies envelop my being and settle in. This opens a gateway for the essences.  I always start with a Goddess Elixir.


The God Elixirs –

How to use the God Elixirs? You can spray them in your living space or directly over the body.  I like to use them at the end of my morning ritual.  I use the Goddess Elixirs, then the essences and finish with a God Elixir.  I feel this gives me the energy to go out to the world and do what I have come here to do with their full support and energy.  It‘s that feeling that they have your back and their energies are a fabulous support for your day. 

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