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  • DE 07.  Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin
  • DE 07.  Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin
SKU: DE 07

DE 07.  Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin


DE 07. Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin (Mana Ninilha-female & Rila Jilhama-male) Color: Mid Pink 3


A lovely dolphin essence for bringing and manifesting Love in our life in a practical way. This essence encourages love in relationships with a dissolving of fear and tension within that relationship. It brings a calm, light and loving awareness to us in many different situations so we can see the best and most positive way forward in any challenge. This brings a deeper flowing awareness of many different issues, but it gives us the strength and courage to prioritize Love and our deeper well-being in consequence of that.


It helps us see our relationship to a particular person or thing from the other person's point of view, Helping us to see the path of Love more clearly. the pink color of many of these dolphins clearly shows this connection wit Love, as well as the slivery color of other dolphins of this species. Although they are generally slow swimmers compared to many other dolphins, they have been known to chase off or even kill sharks. This shows the power of their love in action.


This essence will be especially helpful to human partners in a close relationship. giving greater relaxation, sensitivity to each other and confidence in Love. An important essence.


Ways to use this essence:-This essence can be diffused in a diffuser. Use purified water, one teaspoon of brandy and six drops of the essence.


-It can also be put into a spray bottle to be used as an air freshener. To Create this, use a blue glass bottle 50ml. One teaspoon of brandy, purified water. Add six drops of the essence and enjoy.



How this essence works is up to each individual and their personal interpretation of how they feel it is working for them.


If you decide to purchase more than one essence, be sure to use each essence by itself for three days to help integrate the energies of each essence. This will create a download and a personal relationship with each essence. Once each essence has been integrated then you can use them all together. Enjoy!


Frequency of Love & Self-Acceptance (Feminine Energy) The Dolphin essence is the energy of Love and Self-acceptance. These energies bring a very loving energy to how we relate to the world. The dolphins bring a soft comforting, joyful energy to how we interact with others.



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