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Birth of Venus

This is a brand new exciting range of new products initiated by the Goddesses of the Divine Planes for all humanity, to help us through this challenging time by supporting us with their love and care. For the first time the Power of Love is rising through the feminine elements of Life by the energies of Heaven, as they connect with and uplift the energies of Earth. Heaven is literally coming to Earth to transform us back to our Heavenly Home and Divine State of Being ! This is one of the most exciting events ever, and to support this our Female Divinities are sharing their Being Energies together with Celestial Angels, Dolphins and Whales, Gems and Flowers and our Sea and Butterfly friends in these Elixirs.

Never before has such a lovely product been available energised by the Female Divinities of Life. There will eventually be seven of these Goddess Elixirs in the series, and their names will be given in some cases in the Japanese forms and in other cases by the Solar and Divine names, given to Erik by them personally.

The beautiful image we are privileged to use for the set is painted by Pamela Matthews from New Zealand, and the top of this image is being used on the labels. Each label will be tinted with the colour pertinent to that Goddess Elixir. e.g. Gold for Amateras, Silver for Ayesha and Pink for Kaya, the Divine Mother. These colour energies will be energised into each elixir in the form of the three frequencies of colour that are found in the three groups of Butterfly essences e.g. Kaya is energised by Pink 1,2, & 3. The colour of the bottle also reflects this, so Kaya is in a pink bottle.

Each Elixir has a characteristic perfume in a pure natural form and is a perfume chosen by that Goddess e.g. Bergamot for Amateras, Melissa for Ayesha and Rose for Kaya. 


How did these Elixirs come about, and why now?

It was during a Teachers Course in Japan in 2015 that it was suggested by students that we had a special Essence of the female Japanese Sun God ‘Amateras’. She is the central Deity in the Shinto faith with Her temple in Ise on the Pacific coast of Japan. I felt very connected with Her as I knew Her personally from many years of communications with Her, but more especially I had been very Blessed and Honoured by a special Shinto ceremony in honour of the Butterfly and Sea Essences some years earlier, in Her Shrine !  So many pieces of a jigsaw came together in the creation of the Amateras Elixir at that time in June 2015.

From this first Elixir in Japan we created the concept of the Goddess Elixirs and produced them for Japan in June 2016. We produced the first two of our intended series of seven Elixirs. Now we are going into full production for people around the world with this very special new product.

The Timing comes directly from our Divine Source - I call this Being OM. He told me that humanity is now right for the raising of our light vibrations that these Elixirs will bring. The feminine energy on our planet is rising as women become more and more empowered to bring our lives to a much better place of quality and wellbeing on all levels. The terrible oppression and persecution of women from the past is disappearing, and a new climate of true love and respect is emerging in many countries right now. Women will really benefit from the very strengthening, purifying and uplifting properties of these Elixirs.

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