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  • TS 05. Kali Mur No. 5 Orange - DECONGEST
SKU: TS 05.

TS 05. Kali Mur No. 5 Orange - DECONGEST


Kali Mur No. 5 Orange


Blood and Mucus Regulator

Kali Mur conditions the blood and mucous membranes and can be considered the biochemic ear, nose, throat, and lung specialist of the salts. It maintains the fibrous tissues, supports the respiratory and lymphatic systems and is a metabolic activator.


Facial Analysis Signatures:

  • Milky-blue to pale pink color in a half-moon under the eyes and sometimes the upper eyelid.

  • The entire face can appear this whiter shade of pale color.

  • In young girls or teenagers, the pale white color can extend over the shoulders, upper back, chest and arms.


Biochemic Mode of Action:

Kali Mur is a specific in all childhood illnesses and it is often required after using Ferrum Phos to clear the effects of infections. It cleanses the blood and mucous membranes of congestion and assists in all soft swellings of glands, in ear, nose throat and lung conditions. Any mucous congestion, white-colored phlegm or discharge indicates a deficiency of and requirement for Kali Mur.


Kali Mur is indicated to assist:

  • Childhood illnesses

  • Soft tissue wounds and burns

  • Trauma and post operative recovery

  • Thrush or candida

  • Soft glandular swellings

  • Sinus congestion

  • Ear, nose, throat and lung infections

  • Irritated eyelids or itching eyes

  • Allergies

  • Infantile eczema

  • Adolescent pimples

  • Warts and skin tags

  • Travel sickness

  • Nausea


In chronic ailments it is especially helpful in treating servere inflammation.  Kali Mur can help destroy waste material when the body is fighting off a fever or infection.  Because it is a building agent, give this remedy to aid the process of convalescing and rebuilding health.  Kali Mur helps to develop new vitality and energy.

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