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  • TS 04. Ferrum Phos No. 4 Magenta - SELF DEFENCE
SKU: TS 04.

TS 04. Ferrum Phos No. 4 Magenta - SELF DEFENCE


Ferrum Phos No. 4 Magenta


Anti-Inflammatory and Oxygenation

Ferrum Phos is known as the biochemic first-aid salt. As an oxygen carrier and biochemic anti-inflammatory, it supports the immune system and facilitates the release of energy. Ferrum Phos is essential to maintaining muscular functional strength and is therefore supportive to athletes and healthy active children.


Facial Analysis Signs:

  • Flushed red ears, forehead, cheeks, or face that is usually associated with increased heat or temperature - for example after athletic exertion or the initial onset of inflammation

  • Blue-red to purple-black semi-circles under the eyes, generally beginning at the inner corners


Biochemic Mode of Action:

Ferrum Phos is responsible for our ability and capacity to utilize oxygen - the most critical requirement for the human body. Iron is found in most of the cells of the body, particularly in the red blood and muscle cells, providing the “iron-man” strength to the tissues. It supports the function of the circulatory and immune systems and should be used to assist at the onset of all inflammatory conditions, i.e. any medical term ending in ‘itis’. Ferrum Phos is a necessity for every first-aid kit; it can assist in reducing pain, fever, bruising and bleeding.


Ferrum Phos is indicated to assist:

  • Aerobic activity

  • The biochemic first-aid salt

  • Minor cuts and bruises

  • Sprains and throbbing pains

  • Nosebleeds

  • Breathlessness

  • Fatigue due to oxygen deprivation

  • Frontal or throbbing headaches

  • Inflammation and minor infections

  • Low-level fever (below 38.5º C)

  • Recurrent colds or influenza

  • Anaemic predisposition

  • Menstrual cycles

  • Oxygenation during pregnancy

  • Post-partum recovery


Ferr Phos can stop the flow of blood in adnormal hemorrhage.  You can control mild hemorrhage by applying the powder topically to the wond.  In conditions of fever and inflammation, there is usually a Feer Phos deficiency.

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