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  • SE 46. Giant Squid
  • SE 46. Giant Squid
SKU: SE 46

SE 46. Giant Squid


SE 46. Giant Squid Sea Essence - (deep warm olive green 3)
It is an empowerment essence for the senses and the physical body to enhance survival abilities and empower our perception of the world around us. It is a powerful essence to alleviate fear of the past returning to blight our lives. The Giant Squid psychically represents the deep subconscious fear of evil monsters and this essence dissolves that fear, and most importantly all memories of that fear and events which gave rise to it in the past. 

We feel the power of our physical body to survive any threat from an aggressive adversary, and it sharpens our senses and our ability to avoid danger. It increases the power of action from our perceptions of the world around us, helping us to quickly see and calculate how to survive and thrive in the best possible way. 


Recommended use:  Three drops a day, three times a day anywhere on the body.


If you decide to purchase more than one essence, be sure to use each essence by itself for three days to help intergrate the engeries of each essence.  This will create a download and create a relationship with each essence.  Once each  essence have been intergrated then you can use them all together.   Enjoy!

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