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  • SE 02. Barrel Sponge
  • SE 02. Barrel Sponge
SKU: SE 02

SE 02. Barrel Sponge


SE 02. Barrel Sponge Turquoise Blue/Indigo

This is a clarifying and strengthening essence for the mind, which enhances relationships by cutting out the action of negative thoughts between individuals, so protecting the thinking of anyone who takes this essence.

Normally people suffer a good deal of confusion and disharmony of through, through absorbing negative thought forms from those between people, as we generally give out what we absorb. So, negativity and confusion can be increased in this way. Barrel Sponge breaks the cycle, protecting our thought forms.

It can also protect one from negative thought forms taken on from the environment and may be of great value in any group situation.

The immediate perceived effect of this essence is the cessation of "fuzzy" or disharmonious thinking and its replacement with clarity and clear purpose. It brings the mind into harmony with all the other subtle bodies because by realigning with the astral body, it is reintegrated with all levels of the being - the astral body being the co-Ordinator and integrator of the whole being. This strengthens and clarifies thinking, and in the process of realigning the mental body, negative and disharmonious though forms are repelled, and this then acts to protect one's thinking from negative interference. You can read more about the Sea Sponge in Erik Pelham book "Butterflies and Sea Essences” page 171.

Set I
This is the first set of 14 Sea Essences, and it represents the beginning of the connection process with the ‘Sea Devas’. The effects of these essences may help us with some of the most basic and common issues within human relationships. They are from sea creatures that have distinctive properties,
which through usage, familiarity of properties become accessible.

For example, the ‘Barrel Sponge’ is one of the larger varieties of sponge in the Earth’s oceans. Lt’s name also leads us to understand its usage. A barrel “contains” so therefore, the essence of the barrel sponge can be protective of the fields that surround us. ‘Nautilus’ is a unique creature of the sea, its spiral form gives us a close association with the ear, or kidneys of the body, therefore the essence relates to the hearing function and energy. Perhaps aiding the ability to listen with attention.
Energetically these essences represent the starting point in the Sea Essence sequence and are an
excellent introduction to the Sea Essences. They may enhance relationships in clear ways, helping us to grow in well-being and to be able to import the positive aspects within ourselves.


Recommended use: Three drops a day, three times a day anywhere on the body.

Recommended use: Three drops a day, three times a day anywhere on the body.

Ways to use this essence:

-This essence can also be diffused in a diffuser. Use purified water, one tablespoon of brandy and six drops of the essence.

-It can also be put into a spray bottle to be used as an air freshener.  To Create this, use a blue glass bottle 50ml.  One tablespoon of brandy, purified water.  Add six drops of the essence and enjoy. 


If you decide to purchase more than one essence, be sure to use each essence by itself for three days to help integrate the energies of each essence. This will create a download and create a relationship with each essence. Once each essence has been integrated then you can use them all together. Enjoy!



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