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  • Clarity of Consciousness - Card #15
  • Clarity of Consciousness - Card #15

Clarity of Consciousness - Card #15


Purple, Bright Purple, Deep Magenta, Violet


Challenges: Tribal beliefs about spirit. Trauma over spiritual gifts. Fear of your own power and what may be asked of you. Escapism, one foot out the door for fast escape. Living in a fantasy world. Difficulty staying grounded and in the present. Lives in the past.

Gifts: Having full access to all your Divine gifts. Complete and total transformation of self. Owning your power and healing abilities. To be the healer you have come to be. A conduit for source.

Affirmation: As I release beliefs based out of fear, I become the healer I am meant to be.

erikessence's Supporting Products:

Whale essence: WE 09 Fin Whale - An empowerment essence which improves our ability to respond to others in traumas, crises, and difficult challenges. It brings a deep relaxed confidence and keeps us centered and grounded in all circumstances. We can become more attuned to other people and their needs, and we find a natural courage to face any adversity with total awareness and responsiveness. Brings a strong, deep well-being.

Dolphin Essence: DE 14 Risso Dolphin - Brings an expansion of thought to an almost infinite size and possibility, dissolving all the usual boundaries of our thinking. There is a tremendous light in our consciousness as shown essence a shown by the white color of the dolphin, and we can achieve far more than we ever might have imagined with this essence. We regain a much greater power and clarity of consciousness such as we had at the beginning of the Soul's journey. An important tool for self-development.

Butterfly Essence: BE 82 Kio Nia - (magenta) One-ness with Om, Divine attunement. An essence of pure bliss for which there is no description. An amazing tool to discover the essence of ‘What IS’, it is impossible to predict the effect of this essence as that depends on the individual relationship we have with the ‘Source.’

Sea Essence: SE 29 Leafy Sea Dragon - (deep pinkish violet) Signifies individuality and freedom to be ourselves, by possibly freeing the Soul from past manipulation and bringing liberation and the courage to completely be ourselves.

Goddess Elixir: GEl A) Amateras - The Secret of the Golden Thread

Affirmation: "I am strong, confident and radiant in my life without stress, and I welcome success and abundance into my world.”

God Elixir: GEl H) RistilaAffirmation: “I am strong, I am complete, and I am secure in my own boundaries. I have the power to do whatever I need to do with ease. "

Recommended use for the essences: Three drops a day, three times a day for three days anywhere on the body.

If you decide to purchase all four essences, be sure to use each essence by itself for three days to help integrate the energies of each essence. This will create a download and a relationship with each essence. Once all four essences have been integrated then you can use them all together. Enjoy!


Goddess Elixir-

How do you use the Goddess Elixirs?  You can spray them in your living space or spray them directly over the body.  There is no one way to use them.  Here is how I like to use them.

Before I start my day, I ask which goddess wants to work with me.  If you are using a Goddess from your card pick, then that decision has been made for you.  I start by spraying the Goddess directly over my head.  Close my eyes and spray my face and heart.  I sit and let the energies envelop my being and settle in. This opens a gateway for the essences.  I always start with a Goddess Elixir.


The God Elixirs –

How to use the God Elixirs? You can spray them in your living space or directly over the body.  I like to use them at the end of my morning ritual.  I use the Goddess Elixirs, then the essences and finish with a God Elixir.  I feel this gives me the energy to go out to the world and do what I have come here to do with their full support and energy.  It‘s that feeling that they have your back and their energies are a fabulous support for your day. 

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