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  • BE 80. Kia Kei - Purple

BE 80. Kia Kei - Purple


BE 80. Kia Kei - Purple


This essence is the pure image of what the butterfly really is - the total transformation of our earthly self into the light being of the Divine (which is our true being). The consciousness is transformed by high spirit through this color frequency, and that which is of a lower vibration is in us is cleaned and transmuted to a higher vibration.


Being a pretty dark hue this color works mainly in the mental and casual bodies, although it initially activates the soul body with purple. This means that the majority of the effect is on the consciousness, transforming our spirit with the frequency of solar purple. This is because the darker a color is, the more it works into our denser subtle bodies from the initial point of activation (which is in the soul body).


This means that we can get a completely "fresh start- in our consciousness if we use this essence over a period of time. The pure soul energy transforms our spirit through the energy of the purple, and at this frequency it attunes it to "high spirit". This means that we can find a completely new life based on a much more pure and true set of values, that comes from the high spiritual realms. It is the energy through which people go through dramatic conversions, or major life changes to a much more beautiful and caring life.


This color frequency also enhances eyesight as the light from the soul is strengthened, and we have more energy going through our physical eyes.  Remember that the “eyes are the gateway of the soul”.  It can in some people enhance clairvoyant abilities, as it can often “unblock” psychic abilities that have been lost over a period of time.  Purple is a very high light resonance of spirit, and it is the resonance on which eyesight comes.  This means that our sight is one of the very highest gifts of life that we receive from high spirit – breath is the other one (and this is on the similar hue, the “violet”).

To read more about BE 80 you can find that information in Erik Pelham book “Butterfly and Sea Essence page 150.





Frequency Personal Self Transformation
The butterfly essence is about self-transformation. Each butterfly essence is a key to unlocking a part of yourself to transform the self. There are three groups of butterfly essences. Groups 2 and 3 work on the early being. It is recommended that you start with group Three. Group Three works with connecting the heart to the Divine Being.


The Group One

The Group One Butterfly Essences are light frequencies that can form and impact our psyche. This means that they are tools of light capable of bringing transformation and well- being to many aspects of our spiritual Being.


They are available at this time for our greater growth and experience. Many people feel that these essences 'take them home' in a most profound way, and they may help to bring about spiritual states of well-being.


They are a very fine and 'focused' tool for deep processes of consciousness and evolution.


Ways to use this essence:


-This essence can also be diffused in a diffuser. Use purified water, one teaspoon of brandy and six drops of the essence.


-It can also be put into a spray bottle to be used as an air freshener. To Create this, use a blue glass bottle 50ml. One teaspoon of brandy, purified water. Add six drops of the essence and enjoy.



How this essence works is up to each individual and their interpretation in how they feel it is working for them.


  • If you decide to purchase more than one essence, be sure to use each essence by itself for three days to help integrate the energies of each essence. This will create a download and create a relationship with each essence. Once each essence has been integrated then you can use them all together. Enjoy!



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