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  • DE 13. Clymene Dolphin
  • DE 13. Clymene Dolphin
SKU: DE 13

DE 13. Clymene Dolphin


DE 13 Clymene Dolphin (Peta Somosia – female & Hola Timiasis-male)

Color: Mid Lilac 3


This dolphin brings a very light, illuminated, and fluid consciousness so we can see and understand what is happening on many levels simultaneously. We have an elevated perception of the world around us and we can very acutely perceive what is going on at many levels simultaneously. We can gain great mental dexterity and much better attunement to changing circumstances, so our responses will be much improved to most situations.


The Clymene dolphin is very closely related to the "Spinner Dolphin", both being Atlantic species and the only dolphins to twirl in a corks screw movement whilst leaping. The Clymene dolphin does not leap so high or twirl so much as the Spinner, which has a more physical effect. The Clymene dolphin, in contrast, has an effect of elevating consciousness in a very light, perceptive, and loving way facilitating a connection with Divine consciousness and the Higher Mind. Our thinking becomes much more flexible and less tried to ideas - instead it is much lighter, more fluid and much more fully present in the NOW! For anyone who has been in a depressed or obsessive state this essence may prove quite therapeutic and helpful.


Ways to use this essence:


-This essence can be diffused in a diffuser. Use purified water, one teaspoon of brandy and six drops of the essence.


-It can also be put into a spray bottle to be used as an air freshener. To Create this, use a blue glass bottle 50ml. One teaspoon of brandy, purified water. Add six drops of the essence and enjoy.



How this essence works is up to each individual and their personal interpretation of how they feel it is working for them.


If you decide to purchase more than one essence, be sure to use each essence by itself for three days to help integrate the energies of each essence. This will create a download and a personal relationship with each essence. Once each essence has been integrated then you can use them all together. Enjoy!


Frequency of Love & Self-Acceptance (Feminine Energy) The Dolphin essence is the energy of Love and Self-acceptance. These energies bring a very loving energy to how we relate to the world. The dolphins bring a soft comforting, joyful energy to how we interact with others.


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