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  • TS 11. Nat Sulph No. 11 Coral - DETOXIFY
SKU: TS 11.

TS 11. Nat Sulph No. 11 Coral - DETOXIFY


Nat Sulph No. 11  Coral


Liver Tonic and Water Eliminator

The biochemic liver conditioner, Nat Sulph is a fluid and toxin eliminator. It supports the function of the lymphatic and hepato-biliary systems and is indicated for mornings-after, morning sickness, detox programs and in the management of cellulite.


Facial Analysis Signs:

  • Red outermost edge of the ear - becomes redder as the liver stress increases

  • Bluish red nose, becomes purple red as deficiency increases over time

  • Entire face can take on a greenish yellow 'jaundiced' tone


Biochemic Mode of Action:

Nat Sulph assists in promoting the excretion of excess fluid, including fluid containing toxins. A supply should be kept on hand during celebratory times for its efficient ability to counteract the effects of overindulgence of rich foods or alcohol. It assists in the treatment of substance abuse and is helpful as a slimming aid in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise.


Nat Sulph is indicated to assist:

  • Detoxification processes

  • Biliousness and nausea

  • Metabolic syndrome - sugar metabolic stress

  • Hot sweats, including cyclical fevers

  • Water retention

  • Liver and gall-bladder strain

  • Jaundice

  • Sensitivity to humidity and tropical conditions, including difficulty breathing in hot, humid weather

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