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  • SE 45. Dugong
  • SE 45. Dugong
SKU: SE 45

SE 45. Dugong


SE 45. Dugong Essence.( Mena – Female and Fima – Male) (mid lemon yellow 2)
Dugong Essence is a strong enhancer of our perceptions and opens up the Creative Imagination. It gives a real boost to the mind and brings more enjoyment to our consciousness. Relationships with others can become more harmonious and loving as we develop real peace and understanding with others. 

We experience a deep peacefulness as our Emotional body is harmonized and brought into balance, and the mind and emotions come into harmony. We connect with Universal Consciousness and we can easily understand the depth and nature of any issue, as our thinking and feeling become clearer.
Dugongs work under the Lemon Yellow colour frequency, which is enhancing to our mental/emotional state.


Recommended use:  Three drop a day, three times a day anywhere on the body.


If you decide to purchase more than one essence, be sure to use each essence by itself for three days to help intergrate the engeries of each essence.  This will create a download and create a relationship with each essence.  Once each  essence have been intergrated then you can use them all together.   Enjoy!

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