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  • GEL D.  Izanami no Mikoto Goddess Elixir

GEL D.  Izanami no Mikoto Goddess Elixir


GEL D.  Izanami no Mikoto Goddess Elixir

In Japanese mythology, Izanami-no-Mikoto (Japanese meaning “she who invites”) Is a goddess of both creation and death, as well as the former wife of the god Izanagi-no-Mikoto.  She is also referred to as Izanami-no-Kami.  In the Divine plans she is known as “Anouli”.


She is the Female Creator God of the Astral level of Creation, and this is the level of the heart and Love, as well the Plane of the “Souls of the Dead”.  The Karmic Angels specifically operate at this level, and they guide and create the condition for each Soul to go through its human incarnations.  So, this Elixir works very deeply into psyche bringing a deep peace and clear sense of purpose to our lives.  It links with our destiny and Soul Path and gives us the means to overcome fear of death and live in Love.  We experience real ONE-NESS with all things and all Beings.

Izanami’s Elixir is very restoring and rejuvenating and links us strongly with the Feminine Moon Energy.  This brings healing to many issues from this and past lives, and a strong Love energy.  In this way it is a key to the Sea Essences an she work with the Hector’s Dolphin, who brings us back to our pure cleansed Soul state, which manifest in children.


She is a Goddess of the birth and newborn babies, but she also helps our Spirit to pass from human body at death to our true home.  She resonates with the pale olive-green color which liberates us from fear bringing us and healing us with Love.


This elixir will be very supportive of women in pregnancy and childbirth as well as those dealing with sick or dying people.  It helps us energetically to be grounded and well on this earth, but in real harmony with our Spirit origins.  It strongly supports our freedom and individuality.


Pale olive green brings love, divine compassion, freedom from fear and energy of feminine Leadership.  Lefty Dragon enhances individuality and frees us from bondage from the past.  Hectors Dolphin restores us to our Soul Perfection and brings back the quality we had as a child.  Bowhead Whale grounds us, enhancing physical survival and improving self-appreciation.  Jade enhances heart love and Moonstone helps many emotional issues.  Green Rose is a strong past life therapeutic tool.  Mir evaluates and balance people’s karmic issues helping karmic angels to come to the right action.  Kimea brings light qualities of heart love and joy to help us to really enjoy each moment in complete wellbeing, and release past patterns.


Pale Butterfly essences 1-3

Leafy Sea Dragon Sea essence – Signifies individuality and freedom to be ourselves.


Hector’s Dolphin:  Restores balance and keeps us grounded in a very fluid and light way.


Bowhead Whale:  An essence to improve our self-image and increase our self-esteem.


Ingredients:  Melissa floral water & essential oils of lemongrass, vodka & water


Energetic ingredients:  Pale Olive-green Butterfly essences 1-3 – Leafy Sea Dragon sea essence- Hector’s Dolphin – Bowhead Whale – jade Gem essence – Moonstone Gem essence – Green Rose flower essence – Seraphim Angel – Mir- Cherubim Angel – Kimea


Goddess Elixir-

How do you use the Goddess Elixirs?  You can spray them in your living space or spray them directly over the body.  There is no one way to use them.  Here is how I like to use them.

Before I start my day, I ask which goddess wants to work with me.  If you are using a Goddess from your card pick, then that decision has been made for you.  I start by spraying the Goddess directly over my head.  Close my eyes and spray my face and heart.  I sit and let the energies envelop my being and settle in. This opens a gateway for the essences.  I always start with a Goddess Elixir.

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