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  • CE E. Vitality

CE E. Vitality


‘ Vitality’  A Combination for those who may feel flat, tired, lethargic, bored or lacking interest or enthusiasm in life. Brings more energy, drive, joy and strenght to the whole Being. A lovely essence to rediscover passion, fun and direction in life, especially when life becomes boring, mundane or repetitive. An instant 'pick me up' and a lovely essence to celebrate being alive ! 


Orange 3 Butterfly Essence - Nola Marillion – For freshness, vitality, enthusiasm and joy, this essence is a great uplifter and energizer for tired, lethargic or bored people.

Rainbow Butterflies-Group 3 Butterfly Essence – An energy boosting essence for the whole chakra system to bring vitality to all levels of our Being. Opens us up for greater wellbeing. 


Rainbow Angel Butterflies – A total Spiritual booster for complete activation of our Crown Chakra and Soul Body. Joy, wellbeing and vitality with the Angels.


Harlequin Shrimp – A strong antidepressant which energizes us with positive, optimistic energy. Balances the mind and the emotions and links beautifully with others. 


Common Tropical Octopus – An essence for enhancing strenght, motivation and well-being to give more success in our life. Helps us to solve many types of problems. 


Peo Tio – Orange One Butterfly Essence – A great enhancer of spiritual vitality and energy, this brings real wellbeing at an Angelic and Spiritual level – it also boosts general vitality as a result of this. 


Commerson's Dolphin – Brings more physical vitality and well-being helping to resolve issues of ill health. Improves sexual energies and balances the body and mind better. 


Orca Whale - An empowerment essence for daily physical life. With this essence we can maximize our survival abilities and personal power in any situation, and have more courage and strenght. Physical well-being can be helped and sexuality enhanced. Our power to deal with any person or situation increases, and we can balance extremes in our life better.


Recommended use:  Three drop a day, three times a day anywhere on the body.


If you decide to purchase all four essence be sure to use each essence by itself for three days to help intergrate the engeries of each essence.  This will create a download and create a relationship with each essence.  Once all four essence have been intergrated then you can use them all together.   Enjoy!


Note!  If you are very sensitive to energy work you may need to use each of these essences by themselves first before using the combination essence.

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