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  • CE B. Rejuvenate

CE B. Rejuvenate


‘Rejuvenate’:  This is a Combination Essence to help anyone feeling 'burnt out' and depleted. Where a whole group of problems come together such as exhaustion, toxicity in the whole Being, nervous stress and mental and emotional depletion. It is gently restorative of the true quality of life and helps us get everything into balance and flow again. A great 'pick me up' for quick use when needed.


Common Tropical Octopus - A very restorative energy at a physical/etheric level which optimizes the body’s ability to find well-being. Gives flexibility, strenght and motivation so the body can sort it’s own problems for itself.

Common Sea Urchin – A very protective to shield us from fears and negative emotions, this essence helps recuperative abilities by protecting us from bad energies. 


C.A. Jellyfish – Dissolves stress in the body and mind, so helping recuperation and well-being.

Timika Sommolia – Green 2 butterfly essence – Restores psychological well-being helping us to feel free, refreshed and renewed. Restores our drive, vitality and sense of purpose. 


Blue Sea Squirt – Restores us after traumas, shocks or bad experiences. Helps us to recuperate and restore our well-being and activity again after difficult times, so we can thrive again in our life.

Wira Tentaron – Emerald 3 butt ess. – Brings courage, inner strength and power to restore the whole being when we have physically suffered or been really ‘down’. Restores qualities of strenght and endurance to the Being. 


Bottlenose Dolphin - Helps us to play, work, have fun and truly enjoy life ! Brings us right into the present moment dissolving fear and bringing love. Helps laughter, good communication and working together with others in a vibrant, loving way. Supports real health and high vitality in an effortless and creative way. A very lifegiving, life- enhancing energy to live life to the full. 


Orca Whale - An empowerment essence for daily physical life. With this essence we can maximize our survival abilities and personal power in any situation, and have more courage and strenght. Physical well-being can be helped and sexuality enhanced. Our power to deal with any person or situation increases, and we can balance extremes in our life better.


Recommended use:  Three drop a day, three times a day anywhere on the body.


If you decide to purchase or work with more than one essence, be sure to use each essence by itself for three days to help intergrate the engeries of each essence.  This will create a download and create a relationship with each essence.  Once each  essence have been intergrated then you can use them all together.   Enjoy!


Note!  If you are very sensitive to energy work you may need to use each of these essences by themselves first before using the combination essence.

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