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  • Butterfly and Sea Essences - An Introductory Guide

Butterfly and Sea Essences - An Introductory Guide


Type: Paperback


This is a first book about exciting new essences available throughout the world. ‘Butterfly & Sea Essences – An Introductory Guide’ is a non fiction book intended for anyone, whether they have previous experience of essences or not. It is simply presented and written in and easy to read style, about some very fundamental aspects of life, showing how natural energies coming from the Sun, in the form of essences, can positively transform our lives to greater well-being, quality and enjoyment.

The book describes 84 Butterfly essences and 42 Sea essences made by ‘Spirit’ with the assistance of Erik Pelham. He works for and is fully supported by Aura-Soma Products, where he has been Lab Manager for over 15 years now.

The Butterfly essences are tools for personal transformation, which can help us in many different ways. They are Solar colour energies’ or ‘colour energies from sunlight’, which have a very positive transformational potential for our total Being. Each butterfly essence is like a ‘key’ which can unlock different aspects of our Being for greater well-being and transformation, and it can enhance the quality, style, direction and well-being of our whole existence.

The Sea Essences bring deeper well-being and harmony to relationships at all levels. They come through sea creatures and sea plants having the power to bring peace, harmony, love and well-being throughout the web of life. They can help after conflict, disharmony, pain, and past life problems, working on humans, plants, animals and the whole web of life.

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